Scouting Merit Badge-Communications

Up to three hours

Boy Scouts-The Communications Merit Badge is required to earn the Eagle Scout Rank.  This workshop will meet the requirements for this merit badge.  Specific activities:  Share a personal story, list ways to communicate, write a story and share with group, make a flier for storytelling swap, learn about a career in storytelling.
Girl Scouts-Now and Then Stories from around the World Badge can be earned through this workshop.  Specific activities:  Learn how to tell a nature story quickly, perform a trickster tale, read and share a fable with a moral, modernize a tale giving it a female twist, plan a storytelling night with family and make story starter cards for it, listen to a storytelling concert looking for voice and gestrues that make stories exciting.
This workshop is specifically desgined to meet the requirements for the badge.  If offered at a regional meeting or camp, all scouts in attendance would earn the badge.  All materials needed are provided by the teller.