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Saint Patrick, a Trickster?

St. Patrick’s Day is a popular time for storytelling. Many hire me to tell Irish tales and share the magical lore of Ireland. 

Respect Your Elders

Now that I am nearing 50, I am beginning to hear Ma’am instead of Miss. A young man offered me his seat on the bus. Do I look feeble? Yet, the opposite is true as well. I see young people treat the elderly disrespectfully or hear them regard age as something to fear rather than respect.

Religion and Storytelling

Many cultural stories have references to religion or religious figures. A few times this has been a concern of mine. The public school is to be separate from the church yet many communities are very conservative wanting a particular religion emphasized and no others mentioned.

Puppetry and Storytelling

Although I own a lot of puppets and I enjoy making them, I did not want to be one of those storytellers who moved her mouth when telling a story with a puppet. I’m not a puppeteer. I did not want to give my story to a puppet. I was a storyteller. Puppets were props.

Old Sultan, a Not So Grimm Tale

Stray dogs have a knack for finding me. Recently an old orange dog with a blue collar and missing toes has joined my pack. I opened the door and he went straight upstairs as if he owned the place. His gentle spirit and old age reminded me of a Grimm Tale about an old dog.

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