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Remember the fears surrounding Y2K, the change of a millennium?  The banks were to dissolve, computers would crash, and all would be lost as technology struggled to recognize ’00 as a new century. 

My Happy Place

Every person should have a Happy Place—that place you escape to when reality is too difficult. When the dentist starts that high-pitched drill, I go to my Happy Place. When the movie screen presents a scene that is too graphic for my tastes, I immediately go to my Happy Place.

Deadend Stories

What do you do when you have the start to a story and it just doesn’t go anywhere? Unfortunately, there aren’t many choices: attach it, frame it, or drop it.

Yes, Carol Jean, There Is A Santa Claus

Third grade is a magical time in a child’s life. Most children are beginning to accept the realities of the adult world and are still able to believe the miracle of Santa.

Why I Am a Storyteller

When asked why I tell stories, it is easy to quip that I must; the stories within me must be told. That answer has a much deeper meaning. Our world is losing its grip on the oral tradition. If stories are not told to teach lessons and entertain, we will begin to lose our “ear” for story structure as well as our connection to our heritage through story.

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