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Veteran's Day-a new perspective

2010 marks my first Veteran’s Day without my father Richard Knarr. Dad was a U. S. Army veteran of World War II serving in the 87th Division Artillery of the Third Army. He participated in four campaigns, Saar Valley, Battle of the Bulge, Rhineland and Central Germany while serving under General Patton. Dad did not tell many stories about the war, but those he told, we relished.

When a Story Refuses to "Stick"

 Why is it that some stories are so easy to learn and others slide off my mind as if it were coated with Teflon? When a Quilt Guild commissioned a concert of quilting stories, I knew the project would challenge my researching skills, but I never imagined the stories themselves would be so difficult to learn.  I returned to Storytelling 101: How to Learn a Story Quickly and Make It “Stick.”

Why I Will Never Wish Again

I will admit to very few I have been a member on eHarmony. In my quest to find Prince Charming, I have endured many toads. On eHarmony, one is asked a number of questions, my least favorite being, “If you could have three wishes, what would they be?” My response always included a reference to The Monkey’s Paw by W. W. Jacobs.

Escaping Death

My students have thought me obsessed with death over the years as I taught a short story unit including stories that had Death or Fate as characters and themes. My favorite was An Appointment in Samarra. I liked it because death was a woman and it was an easy way to teach irony. The students loved it because it was very short!

The Stories of Haiti

When telling the stories of Haiti, the images of the country and its people flash across my mind. In 1984, I volunteered at Quisqueya Christian School and Baptist Haiti Mission, both in Port-au-Prince. The experience will stay with me forever.

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