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Signs of Christmas

When I was young, I knew Christmas was around the corner when Mom and Dad found a babysitter for me and went shopping for an entire day without any of their children along. No one was allowed to help empty the car and there were new “off limits” areas in the house. All of us began baking and cooking, but we weren’t eating any of the treats. Instead, the candies, cookies, caramel corn, homemade hot cocoa, and pies were put on the back porch waiting for the family to arrive.

Snow in the Forecast

The Blizzard of ’78 remains in my mind one of the greatest winters of my memory. I could tell the storms were increasingly worrying Mom as she became a cooking frenzy. She had a turkey in the oven and fresh-baked bread cooling. Containers of caramel corn and no-bake cookies were on the back porch cupboard. This was going to be a doozy of a storm!

First Snow

2009 was my first winter in Indiana after eleven years in Arizona. I had no winter clothes. None. I didn’t even have a decent pair of socks. My mother loaned me her winter boots. My sister bought me sweaters and all things wool. I miraculously found my ski clothes which fit eleven years earlier. I believed I was prepared. Nothing could have prepared me for that first cold snap and first Indiana snow.

Ice Already?

An ice covered car in November just is not right! As I walked out to the school’s parking lot, I was shocked to see my car under a sheet of thin ice. The principal had announced the roads were slick, but this I had not expected.   I sat in my car defrosting the windows thinking of sunnier times in Arizona.

Early Inspiration

When considering a career, I was given the choice between nurse and teacher. My father believed those were respectable careers for a woman with reasonable and reliable income. At the time I had no interest in the medical field so began my career as a teacher in the playroom with my dolls and old teacher’s editions I could not yet read.

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