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Every Teller Needs a Home

I think it was 2002 when I walked into The Storyteller Café, Mesa, AZ, and asked if they needed a resident storyteller. A group of tellers from South Mountain Community College Storytelling Institute, Phoenix, AZ, had preceded me and were no longer providing consistent storytelling performances. I’d never been a resident teller nor had I ever delivered a full concert, but it seemed a good idea to practice what I believed I could do.

Tellers, do you know what teachers want from you?

This week I was a storyteller for three elementary schools and a public library. Each performance was slightly different, not only because of the concert I was presenting, but how I was received. At one school and the library, I was met at the door, led to the performance space which was already prepared to my specifications, and was offered help carrying my items.

How do you remember all of that?

     Today following a storytelling concert a number of people asked me the same thing, "How do you remember all of that?"  Today's concert was a collection of stories connecting a number of American and World Wars to Kosciusko County (Indiana).  This particular concert was a piece commissioned by the Kosciusco County Visitors Bureau, Warsaw, IN.  The 45-minute concert included six major stories with each story having two to three minor stories branching from some point in the story.  With the added frame to tie it all together and thre

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