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Cardinal's Red Feathers

My mother’s favorite bird is the cardinal. While driving the car or sitting at the window, Mom was sure to point out any cardinal she saw. I find myself noticing them, too, even pointing them out to my dogs, as if they care!

Be Careful What You Wish For

Many stories share the theme Be Careful What You Wish For. It is a powerful lesson. What if you received exactly what you wanted? Would you then wish for something else or would you be content? Would you realize your request was short-sighted and unwanted in the end?

A Story a Day...

A Story a Day...

The Importance of a Storytelling Community

Reuniting with my storytelling friends this week reminded of how easy it is to take a strong storytelling community for granted. South Mountain Community College Storytelling Institute, Phoenix, AZ, provides a safe environment for learning and telling stories. Founders Lorraine Calbow, Ricardo Provencio, Liz Warren, and LynnAnn Wojiechowicz have developed a challenging academic certificate program that taught me the basics of storytelling as well as provided me an opportunity to serve as adjunct faculty for the program. 

Finding Your Own Voice

When learning to tell stories, it is important to study multiple professionals who have differing performance styles. It is even fun to imitate other tellers—for awhile. Then it is time to discover your own voice, claim it, and market it.

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