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February Hosts the Best Holidays

Many skip the best February holidays rushing to celebrate Valentine’s Day. My tenet to celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 15th when love is half-off still stands firm. Sure, it is great eating heart-shaped chocolate and smelling flowers, but as you slow to smell those flowers, open your mind to two even better holidays in February.

January 29th Is Puzzle Day

According to the Washington Post, January 29th is Puzzle Day. I have lived my whole life without this knowledge which should be surprising to those who know me best. I am a closet puzzler.

A Blast from the Past

My desk is an eclectic collection ranging from empty ink cartridges to a cat toy. Among the “treasures” is a stack of clipped articles that inspire creative thought. Within that stack is an article written by Ruth Stanley (The Post and Mail, May 29-31, 2010) titled Teachers, students are forever linked.

'Tis the Season of Humble Pie

Today a student asked what I might get for Christmas. Our family stopped gathering at the holidays for large gift-giving celebrations years ago. Sometimes my sister surprises me with a present in the mail. This week it arrived marked “Don’t open until Christmas.” I won’t. Opening a gift at the holidays is rare and I treasure it. 

New Year's Resolutions

To be resolute or not to be resolute, that is the question.   New Year’s Resolutions are a lot of pressure, if you ask me. I am amazed by those who can make resolutions and stick to them. Resolutions, for me, are a burden, not a goal.

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