My Love/Hate Relationship with Valentine's Day

Why must love be more expensive on February 14th? Whenever I am in a relationship with a man who insists on celebrating Valentine’s Day, I try to explain how much wiser it is to celebrate our love on the 15th when everything is half-priced. February 15th should be herald as Half-off Love Day. Imagine getting the same amount of love at half the price!

My love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day began in the third grade. I had two loves:  Doug Moore and Steve Tackitt. My store-bought box of valentines for some reason either did not come with two cavemen Valentines or I had made a mistake and given one of them to another person. All I do remember is I had two loves and only one caveman Valentine. It was past my bedtime and my mother needed me to go to bed so she could get some work done. I was sobbing.
Bless my mother’s heart for trying to help, but there was no solution to the problem. No, I did not want to hand-make a Valentine for either of them. No, I did not want to find a substitute Valentine. I wanted to go to the store and get another box of caveman Valentines. It was an emergency! 
Exasperated, my mother ripped the Valentine in two and went to bed solving my problem. No one would get the last caveman Valentine. 
I really don’t remember what happened after that moment. Shock has a way of erasing one’s memory. However, I do remember that neither Doug nor Steve cared if I gave them a Valentine. That is why I have a love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day. How could something so important to me be so insignificant to both the loves of my life?
May you have a wonderful February the 15th when love is half-priced.