July-National Ice Cream Month

Last night I celebrated National Ice Cream Month with a scoop of my favorite ice cream at a local ice cream shop. The gal who fixed my cone, had not packed the ice cream into the cone. As I drove out of the drive-thru, the single scoop fell off of the cone and nearly hit the floor of my vehicle. My quick reflexes caught the scoop, squished it back on the cone, and only then did I realize the gal had not given me any napkins.

It was a tradition on Sunnycrest Farm to hand-crank homemade ice cream throughout the summer. Dad would set-up the ice cream maker on the back step near the well. Mom would fill the canister with her summer concoction of ice cream flavors ranging from early summer garden strawberry to late summer hand-picked blueberry. Dad would pour the rock salt around the canister and I would sit on top as he cranked until he couldn’t crank anymore. Then it was time for rich homemade ice cream with rarely any leftovers.
My sister had a new-fangled ice cream maker at our last family reunion. It was a ball that could be rolled or tossed. After 30-minutes of constant movement, the ice cream was ready to eat. This was great fun for those participating keeping the strange game of Hot Potato going. I couldn’t help but think how each of them was missing the pleasure of sitting atop an old crank ice cream maker listening to Dad tell stories until the crank wouldn’t crank anymore.
No matter where I have lived, I have had a favorite ice cream stand. Flavor Freeze in Dunlap not only has a great yogurt, but it also has free trees on Christmas Eve. Carol’s Corner is my favorite stop in South Whitley, although I miss the Dog ‘N Suds where Dad would get me a root beer float after seeing the dentist. Now I am in Portland with a local Dairy Queen unless I travel to Albany to the Dairy Dream or to Upland for Ivanhoe’s killer desserts. 
Yes, there’s more than corn in Indiana, there is delicious ice cream! 
Enjoy July-National Ice Cream Month!