How Spider Got a Bald Head

Some stories are so much fun to tell I want to find a way to put them in every concert. How Spider Got a Bald Head is one of those stories, but unfortunately, it falls into very few concerts. I can stretch it to fit a trickster theme since spider is a trickster or I can tell it as a porquois tale explaining how something came to be. I slip it into a nature concert at times, but sadly it is one of those fun tales rarely told.

How Spider Got a Bald Head (African)
Spider was greedy and always hungry. He thought he would go to his mother-in-law’s house for lunch. He could go on the pretense of doing a good deed and then surely she would feed him.
Spider was just in time as his mother-in-law was planting rice and did need help. She was also cooking beans which smelled so good! As Spider planted rice in the field, he found himself closer and closer to the house. In fact, he was planting rice right next to the house…right next to the door! No one would notice if he slipped into the house to taste the beans.
Spider lifted the spoon of beans to his lips just as his mother-in-law entered the house. He didn’t know what to do with the beans so he put them in his hat and put the hat back on his head. Those beans began to burn his head causing him to do a crazy little dance.
“Spider, what are you doing?”
“It’s the rice planting dance, mother-in-law!” answered Spider as he danced out the door. 
Spider took the hat from his head and sure enough, all of the hair was burned right off. Spider would be bald the rest of his life and all spiders after him as well!
Learn more about the trickster spider by looking up Anansi tales from Africa.
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