February Hosts the Best Holidays

Many skip the best February holidays rushing to celebrate Valentine’s Day. My tenet to celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 15th when love is half-off still stands firm. Sure, it is great eating heart-shaped chocolate and smelling flowers, but as you slow to smell those flowers, open your mind to two even better holidays in February.

February 5th is Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day! This is a holiday worth celebrating and much less expensive than flowers for the 14th. Just which flavor will I choose? When I was young, my parents bought Neapolitan ice cream in the cardboard boxes that never closed well because they were impossible to open.  The chocolate was gone within the day and strawberry soon to follow. The vanilla would sit alone growing ice crystals until someone made chocolate milkshakes or picked fresh berries. 
My ice cream palate has matured. I prefer the flavors with ridiculous titles like Moose Tracks-a flavor that has nothing to do with moose or tracking them. Cherry Garcia would be so delicious if it weren’t made with cherries. Although vanilla is listed as the most popular flavor (MakeIceCream.com), I prefer French vanilla yogurt with cashews and fresh raspberries. I reserve the right to substitute yogurt for ice cream.
Worth mentioning is February 9th, Read in the Bathtub Day. This one I cannot celebrate since I lack a tub for soaking. The one time I tried reading in the bathtub, somehow the book caught fire causing me to dunk it into the bath water making an ashen mess. 
Whereas my sister only bathes, I only shower. Perhaps if I had a Jacuzzi for a bathtub or if I could wipe from my memory sharing bathwater with my sisters as a child, I could bathe regularly. My walk-in shower with the hand-held showerhead is perfect for dog baths. Trust me, no matter how bad the economy gets, I will not share bath water with them.
February is the month to open one’s mind to new holidays. Sure, Valentine’s Day is delightfully romantic, but it is time to bring attention to two overlooked traditions.   I already have my eyes on a tub of ice cream, but I do need help finding a tub for bathing.