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Hocking Hills, Ohio

It is hard to believe the great grandchildren now outnumber the grandchildren in the Knarr family. I am the youngest of seven having been born closer in age to the oldest grandson than the next sibling. One factor remains true, although I will always be the youngest of seven, I am no longer young!

July-National Ice Cream Month

Last night I celebrated National Ice Cream Month with a scoop of my favorite ice cream at a local ice cream shop. The gal who fixed my cone, had not packed the ice cream into the cone. As I drove out of the drive-thru, the single scoop fell off of the cone and nearly hit the floor of my vehicle. My quick reflexes caught the scoop, squished it back on the cone, and only then did I realize the gal had not given me any napkins.

La Llorona

As I read social media reaction to the Casey Anthony trial, one question captured my attention. How could any mother murder her children? I immediately thought of the Hispanic legend of La Llorona, the Weeping Woman.

How to Be a Revolutionary Hero

Have you ever wondered why it is some names are listed in history books and others are not? Take for instance the moment Dr. Warren is sitting at Boston’s North Church waiting to light the lamps warning of British arrival. Who galloped to Lexington as the second lamp was lit?

A Lesson from American History

American history was one of the worst experiences of my educational career. What a shock it was to be hired as a middle school American history teacher! I cried the better part of a day wondering how to breathe life into a truly boring textbook.

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